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Creative Director Services offers creative visual and written communications

from a background of international experience.



Services offered - advertising design, corporate image, pack design, Expo design, copy writing, website creation, photography and image manipulation.


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The urge for good design is the same as the
urge to go on living.

What we do

Our Mission


Creativity is our mission. We provide professional creative services to businesses that are not ready for the services of a large and expensive advertising or promotion agency but still need the creativity. Our focus is on our product being an effective communication.  We aim to be on time, on budget and on point.

in marketing Perception

is the only truth


create the perception


reinforce the perception


build on the perception


Corporate Image is vital to any business. It should reflect the perception of your company that you wish to instill in the minds of those with whom you do business. Likewise, if your product is channeled through the retail system the packaging is the last chance you have to affect purchase. It must "speak" to your customer. Good branding does that.

Print Design & copy

We believe that a marriage of design and the written word is essential to the overall communication. We do that. These skills extend beyond traditional advertising to designing product catalogs, product sheets, billboards and mailers to name but a few. Another skill we offer is copy writing.


While every business strives for immediacy when it comes to sales, the fact is that in the busy marketplace it takes time and good choices to find success. The experience that Creative Director Services can bring to the table is a resource on which you can call.


Photography and expert retouching are part of our forte. Whether on location or at your production facility we can act fast to produce images that show your product in the best light. We do that either as a hard visual communication or one full of emotion. Our experience includes food, hospitality, light and heavy industrial, aviation, military/security equipment and more.

Graphic Design

A picture is worth a thousand words. It must communicate without ambiguity the desirability of your product or service. It must catch the eye AND the imagination. Good design does that, whether in print or in electronic media.

Our experience is wide and even extends to visual theme generation in the hospitality business.



With experience in designing (and even manning) exhibition booths here and internationally, Creative Director Services does that. We understand cost effective AND provide effective communication of your product or service. Expo design and consultation is right up our street.

add the expertise

a working philosophy that works.

How we run things.

Our philosophy is simple:

Create the perception. Reinforce the perception.


  • We work with companies that do not want to work with, or cannot afford to work with a big advertising agency.


  • Jonathan Rimington, Creative Director in effect becomes a vital part of your marketing team.


  • You buy my time and skills (as contract labor).


  • Time is billed by project or monthly based on the current hourly rate.

In developing relationships with a client we see ourselves as part of their team.  We offer our work on the basis of contract labor charging only for our time, expertise and expenses.  While we organize the services of outside supplier such as printers and media, we take no commission. Thus we are happy to arrange accounts with third party suppliers on behalf of our clients. This arrangement offers considerable savings.


When you work with Creative Director Services you work directly with the owner.


Brought up in the world of big advertising and sales promotion agencies, Rimington saw a need for a smaller business model. This model offers expertise and international experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications on three continents. This includes advertising, corporate image creation, the use of design and copy writing skills to create print and electronic media campaigns, web creation, and packaging design and EXPO  design. Other services include high end digital photography including virtual image manipulation.

Good design is good business.


Like what you see?  Call or contact.


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